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Piano Moving in Chicago

One of the most prized possessions of many homes is their Pianos. They hold many precious and cherished memories, add beauty and elegance to your home and is something that brings the whole family together. It is understandable that when planning on moving, the security and safe transfer of your piano would be your top priority. You would want someone who is reliable, experienced and an expert at tackling and dealing with the moving of pianos, you wouldn’t trust anyone and would only want the best.

If you happen to live in Chicago, you’ve landed at the right place. One of the standout and expert moving companies Chicago has to offer, Lyons Moving, offers exclusive piano moving services done by experts in the field and that to in amazing prices.

How Do We Do It?

Moving a piano isn’t something you can just get up and do, it is a job for professionals and Lyons Moving offers exactly that.

First Step:

Our first step would be to make sure that the piano is prepped to move. Yes our services include a proper prep of the piano in order to move it safely. This includes ensuring the proper protection of the keys and pedals of the piano. The keys and pedals are covered with a security blanket and tape.

Second Step:

The top lid needs to be secured and it needs to be made sure that it stays in its place. It also needs to be covered along with the rest of the piano in order to avoid any scuffs or damages.

Third Step:

The legs of the piano have to be disassembled by people who have prior knowledge and understanding about the woodworks and functioning of a piano. This needs to be done while two strong professionals support the lid.

Fourth Step:

The piano needs to be carefully shifted onto the board again by two professionals who are good with handling weight and it needs to be tightly secured with straps without damaging the structure.

Fifth Step

The piano needs to be carefully taken into the van along with its dismantled parts and it needs to be ensured that it stays secured into place during the ride.

This was just a brief overview of how a piano should be transferred from one place to another. Now that you have a slight idea of just how technical this ordeal can be, I am certain you’d be a bit more cautious about who you pick to do your piano moving for you.

Let Us Help You

We said it before and we’ll say it again, we only hire the best of the best, that’s what makes us the best movers in Chicago. Our professionals have years of experience on how to deal with pianos and make sure that they reach their destination scratch-less.

Are you shifting but are a bit iffy about your piano being in good hands? Contact us today either through our website, email or phone, get a free estimate and bid your entire worries farewell.

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