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How to Pack Large Pictures For Moving (Step By Step Guide)

Photos and paintings are what add character to your home. If your house was a human, the paintings and pictures would be a couture dress or expensive diamond jewelry. It is what makes a house a home, beautifies it and makes it look complete. 

When you decide on moving houses the first thing you want to do is find ways you can make a shift without damaging any of your prized possessions and things, one such item that should be on top of the list should be your large pictures.  

If you go to the market to get a custom photo frame made it can start from around $90 and that is an average small sized frame. A large frame costs exuberantly high and don’t even get me started on the glass.  To make sure your pictures remain unharmed and reach the destination safely you need to take the necessary steps to make sure your frames are perfectly packed and safe for moving and that you take all the precautionary steps to avoid shatter. 

You can ensure that your large pictures are packed and ready to go by breaking down the process in three phases. 

Phase One – Make a Checklist 

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Before you just start packing away make a checklist of things you need to consider or keep note of before the packing process. This can include a list of things such as the following. 

What Size Is Your Frame 

This is the most important factor that you need to keep note of as you can further decide and arrange the packing according to the size of the frame. You don’t want to leave any sides of the frame exposed during moving as the chances of breakage and scuffmarks increase drastically. 

What Kind of Picture and Frame Is It 

Another thing that you need to make note of is the kind of picture/wall hanging are you are packing, whether it is a framed picture with glass, a painting on canvas and so on so that you can make the arrangements for the picture as per requirement. 

The Value of the Photo 

While in many cases we have backups of our family photos on our computers, sometimes we don’t such as those of our grandparents that we hold very close to our hearts. In addition some frames are vintage, some of the pictures are collector pieces of artwork that are extremely expensive and close to our heart while some are bought from target for $30. Once we make the distinction of which photos need to be kept for safekeeping more than the rest, we can pack accordingly. 

Phase Two – List Down The Things You Need 

Once you’ve established the details about your frames that will determine how exactly you need to go about the packing of your framed picture. Ideally here is a list of things that you should have at hand.  

Multiple Sized Boxes 

You should have boxes in multiple sizes all relatively large sized since those are the photos you plan on moving. You want to keep the boxes larger than your original frame size as there will be an increase in size once you are done wrapping and preparing it. 

Masking Tape 

Keep copious amounts of masking tape at hand as you will need that in abundance throughout the packing process.

Packing Tape 

In addition to masking tape you should also have packing tape as well as it is more studier and won’t let your frame budge from the picture boxes. 

Thick Blanket 

One of the most important things you need for packing photo frames is a thick blanket. It will protect your photo frame for suffering blunt trauma and shatter. 

Bubble Wrap 

Another important protective layer that is a must for packing large pictures is bubble wrap. Make sure that you have a significant amount of bubble wrap available so that you can cover your photo frames properly and don’t leave any sides or corners bare. 

Packing Paper 

Its necessary that you have packing paper with you as it is an important step in protecting your frame from scuffs and damage during the move. 

Phase Three – Get to Packing 

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Now that you’ve bought all the things and are fully prepared, lets get to packing! 

Step One 

Lay down a thick blanket on a flat surface, you’ll be doing all of your packing on this blanket. Place your frame on this blanket carefully and get ready to pack. 

Step Two 

Using masking tape (not packing tape) form a cross across the glass frame. Make sure that the tape is only on the glass and not the frame as your don’t want paint to wear off. Worst-case scenario this will keep shattered glass in place

Step Three  

Wrap your frame from all corners and sides like you would a gift in packing paper and close the sides in masking tape. Make sure that the tape is only touching the paper and not the frame as it might cause polish to wear off.  

Step Four 

Once you’ve wrapped your frames in packing paper, its time to add a second layer. This time pack your frame the same way you did in the previous step but this time using bubble wrap. Use packing tape this time as its sturdier and since its plastic you need something stronger than mere masking tape. 

Step Five 

Once all of your packing is properly done, slowly slide your packed picture frame inside the correctly sized box and once properly closed make sure you tape all of the corners with packing tape to make sure that your box doesn’t open and cause the frame to slip out during shifting. 


Through the simple steps provided you can easily pack your frame pictures and completely eliminate the chances of shatter however if you happen to live in Chicago and surrounding area and need help with packing and make your shift swift and easy, contact Lyons Moving today for the best prices and convenient shifting. 

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