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How To Pack Your Closet For A Move?

When moving, many people usually begin with packing their clothes and shoes, only keeping a pair or two unpacked for use. Even when it sounds simple, packing these things tend to take a lot of your time. You would never want the process of your packing starting on a bad note. Hence, it is best that you first know everything on how to pack your closet for a move in the most efficient manner.

Knowing the best way to pack shoes for moving as well as the moving clothes hacks, you can begin your packing process easier and can also finish it without facing a lot of trouble. Our experience of years working in the moving industry has led us to discovers some amazing closet packing tips for moving.

If you are here, it is obvious that you want us to spill some beans and tell you the best ways to pack a closet for a move, but why not first understand why is it so important to pack the closet with so much consideration? 

We believe that such an understanding can boost your curiosity and you will surely be more tempted to read on further about how to pack your closet for a move. 

The Importance of Carefully Packing Your Closet Before Moving

An average person spends around $161 on their closet per month. Such a considerable amount spent on something each month itself explains a lot about why we need to be very careful when packing our closet and do it in the absolute best way.

However, there are some other useful reasons explaining why you need to pay proper attention to packing your closet when moving:

  1. Not knowing how to pack your closet for a move in the best possible manner means you will be simply throwing your clothes, shoes, purses, and other items in different boxes. This makes it very difficult to sort and organize the closet in your new place later since everything that needs to be put in there is lost in a plethora of boxes.

  2. Improperly packed clothes and shoes are at a high risk of damage due to dampening, stains, dust, and tearing that might be caused to them by some sharp object placed right next to them in a box or storage can during the moving process.

  3. An improperly packed closet at the time of moving introduces the risk of losing smaller items like scarves, belts, and buckles. 

  4. Not packing your closet properly makes the process of unpacking longer, tiring, and draining. It also makes your clothes and shoes dirtier while they are loaded on trucks to be moved, hence loading you with the responsibility of washing these all right when you have moved to a new place. 

These and many other risks that come with an improperly packed closet are often ignored by unprofessional occasional movers. However, now that you know these, there is no reason you would not be eager to know the right way to pack your clothes before moving out. 

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Preparatory Steps For Packing A Closet 

Even if we have already implied this too much, we think it is better to tell you again that packing a closet is not an easy task at all. Before you begin with the actual steps, you must prepare a little to make your packing process smooth and error-free.

Here are some things that you can do beforehand to ensure a quicker and mess-free closet packing:

  1. Count or make a rough estimate of all the items that are there in your closet. See which things out of your closet you will be taking to your new place and which of these aren’t worth moving out of. Assessing your closet before packing it in this way ensures that you don’t forget the important things back and also have an idea of how many boxes you need to pack all this stuff.

  2. Look for the things that are not worth keeping at all. Either donate those to others or put them up for a sale.

  3. Carefully analyze and separate all the stuff that you can get rid of so that you have to take as little to your new place as possible.

  4. Make sure you take out all your sentimental pieces and pack these with you no matter what. You would surely regret not taking these along.

  5. Wash or dry clean all the pieces that you think need clothing.

How To Pack Your Closet For A Move? – A Stepwise Guide

Now that our preparatory steps are done, it is time, to begin with, real packing. Get ready and distract yourself from everything else. Below is a simple, stepwise guide on how to pack clothes for moving: 

Step 1: Declutter and Categorize The Closet 

You would not like having to deal with a lot of mess and confusion as you pack the items for a move. Hence, it is best to first begin with decluttering and organizing your closet in a way that makes the entire stuff friendlier to move.

Make sure that everything is dry and clean in a way that it would not stain other items you pack along with it. No matter how minimal it seems, a stain is still a stain, and no one knows how bad it can get for a pile of tightly packed laundry. Hence, it is best, to begin with washing all the stained items and letting them completely dry.

Now, start categorizing and sorting all the closet items in groups with similar items. There are several ways to categorize your closet. However, our favorite method has to be first separating all the items based on seasons. Then, we make different piles from each season’s clutter in a way that each pile has all the closet items under the usage of one family member. 

When packing for a single person, you can also sort things in other ways. For example, you can put all the shirts in one pile and bottoms in the other, etc.  

Step 2: Get The Boxes Ready

Now, that all the piles to be pack are in front of you, it is the best time to get hold of the boxes in which you will be packing the items. Get different boxes in different sizes and match the size of your piles with the boxes.

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You can also customize a bigger box in a way that it can fit in more than a pile or two. Once you are done decide the boxes and are sure of what would go in each of those, get a hold of some tape and tightly secure the bottom of the boxes. 

Ensure that the boxes are clean from their inside and start labeling each box if you are very sure. In case you have some confusion, the labeling part can be done later on too.

Step 3: Pack Off-season Clothes First

When you categorize the stuff, there will be a lot that you will not be using any time soon. It is best to begin packing with these off-use and not-in-use items first. 

Your formal purses and clutches as well as your heels and any other thing that you will not be using at least for the next three months also goes in here. Fold all this stuff in a way that takes the least of space and begin with making the boxes.

When putting things inside the boxes of a move, try to keep the items in use by one person together. Also, you might want to take a picture of all that goes in a box together for the sake of keeping it in your memory for later hours of need.

Step 4: Pack Everything Else Except the Items You Need For Moving Week

You will need to change your clothes more often during the moving week. So, make sure you have enough items left unpacked for use during moving days.

Now, take out your briefcases and everything else that you can use to move your clothes and start packing all that is left. Again, fold things nicely and sort them clearly. Take a picture of each box after you are done packing and seal the boxes with strong tapes. 

Get the boxes ready and stacked in such a way that you can load these on the first truck that comes to move out your stuff. 

This was just a generic guide, and you might have better options to work with. However, there could come a time when moving all the stuff would feel like no less of a huge task. Let Lyons Moving help you out during times like these. 

We have a team of professional movers who won’t only help you pack your stuff in the most suitable way but will also ensure no damage to all the packed closet items while on the go. Once packed with sheer professionalism, your closet items will be delivered to your next place in the safest way, hence freeing you of all the stress that otherwise comes with moving out.

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