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How To Pack Wine Glasses For A Move?

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Out of all the glassware you have in your home, wine glasses are often the most prized of all your possessions. Not only do these glasses come with the most stylish looks, but also tend to be expensive are fragile at the same time. This explains why everyone looking forward to shifting their living space seems worried about how to pack wine glasses for a move. 

Today, almost every other home in the USA owns a set of one or more wine glasses. With stats reporting the annual sale of wine during the year 2020 within the United States to cross up to $670 million, there is no reason a homeowner within the country would not invest in at least one expensive wine glasses set.

You might be okay if your friends coming over for a small Friday party break a glass or two from your wine glasses set. However, you would not be able to bear the pain that comes with your heavy luggage crushing your entire set of wine glasses during a move. Hence, it is best that you know all about how to pack glasses for moving to a new space in detail. 

Being experts at moving and packing luggage for years, we have tried out different ways of packing wine glasses for movers. While there is no single, absolutely perfect, and fool-proof packing wine glasses hack, there are some simple techniques and tricks that, when employed, can help you pack your wine glasses in a way that ensures minimal damage to them during the moving process.

The process of packing the wine glasses itself is easy and simple. However, it is important for you to have some background knowledge of the process and its intricacies. No, you do not have to look around or ask others to guide you about how to pack wine glasses for a move. That is what we are here for.

This is why we are going to discuss a step-by-step method of packing wine glasses for you in detail here below. However, before that, let us just understand the most important things to keep in mind when packing wine glasses for moving. 

Packing Wine Glasses For Moving – Things Not To Forget

Packing, whether it is of wine glasses or any other essential kitchenware, is a process with a lot of deeper nuances. Your expertise at how you pack and store your stuff ultimately decides the strength or weakness of your overall moving process. 

Considering this, you would never want to pack something as fragile as wine glasses without proper consideration of those nuances. Here, we are about to spill out some of these for you:

How To Pack Wine Glasses For A Move? – A Stepwise Guide

To begin with, you need the right kind of material to easily complete the packing process in one go. Given below is all that you need for packing wine glasses for movers within a few minutes. Make sure you get a hold of each of these items in quantity sufficient enough to match the number of wine glasses you own:

  1. Wine glass packing box – It is best to go with the original box of your wine glasses set. In case you don’t have it, go for a small carton that comes with space only enough to contain the glasses tightly.

  2. Bubble wrap of any other Foamy Sheet – We prefer bubble wrap over anything. Cut it into pieces only large enough to cover a glass of wine. 

  3. Strong packing tape

  4. Wrapping sheet or paper

  5. Scissors

  6. Markers 

Got it all? Great, now let us begin with the process of packing the glasses and preparing them for a move. Follow the steps given below in exactly the same order:

  1. Prepare Your Box And Make Cells Inside It

You can skip this step and move to the next one if you are using the original wine glass box for packing.

However, if you are investing in a simple packaging box, you would need to divide the box into smaller compartments to fit one glass in each compartment. Some people don’t want to do this extra effort even when it is worth it.

All you have to do is to go to a hardware store and ask them for box compartments. Once back home, adjust these compartments inside your bigger box in a way that their size matches that of your glasses. 

You can also use cardboard pieces and stick these to the box’s bottom using strong glue to customize the compartments. In case you don’t want to go through all this trouble, we suggest you search up a bit about how to pack wine glasses without dividers and then do what suits you the best. 

Now, your box is ready for use. Let us move to the next stage.

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  1. Cushion The Box’s Base

You would not want your wine glasses’ lips or base to be pressed harshly by a solid box base. Hence, we suggest you cushion the boxes before moving any further. To complete this step, simply crush some wrapping paper and spread it all over the box's base, and you are done.

  1. Stuff the Glasses From Inside

Now that the box is all ready, it is time we shift our focus to the glass's inside and make it resistant to kinks and breaks. 

This step is also fairly simple, just take some newspaper, packing paper, or any other soft sheet and roll it in your hands to make paper globes or balls. Now stuff these balls inside the glass to fill it in a way that there is not a lot of space left empty inside the glasses.

By doing this step, you are simply adding more to the glass's endurance capability. This increases the wine glass's durability a little and reduces the chances of breakage.

  1. Wrap the Glasses

Now, take these filled glasses and put these on a soft and clean surface in a way that they are resting on either of their sides. Take some scotch tape and bubble wrap and begin with wrapping the glass inside it gently. 

The sheet should not cover the glass too tightly, nor too loosely. Make sure that you cover the stems and base of the glass with the bubble wrap too. At the end put a tape to secure the sheet’s placement on the glass, ensuring no risk of sheet’s removal during the move.

Since it is no rocket science, we expect you would know how to pack wine glasses with bubble wrap. In case you don’t, here is a brief guide that can help you.

  1. Put the Glasses In The Box and Seal It

Now, carefully put each glass in the compartments you previously made in your box. Make sure that your keep the stems on the top i.e., the glasses are placed downright. If you think that the compartment is too tight for the glasses, simply remove some of the cushioning.

After fitting all the glasses inside, sprinkle the rest of the crushed packing sheet in the box and close it. Secure tightly with tapes and label the boxes as glasses or fragile.

We understand that with so much that one has to do before moving, no one really has the time to pack wine glasses this neatly. However, you shouldn’t let this lack of time lead you to improperly packing your stuff. Rather, we suggest you go for Lyons MovSing’s services.

As a professional moving agency, we will help you deal with your packing problems, and will do most of your work for you. This means you will have the time, free enough to focus on other things like packing wine glasses neatly or taking care of your other glassware while the professional movers do all the important stuff for you.



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