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How To Pack Silverware For Moving? – A Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed (2021)

Moving out soon? Well, we know what must be on your mind right now. You’re surely burdened by questions like how to pack makeup for moving, how to assemble the boxes, how to pack silverware for moving, and several others like these. Don’t worry we are here with a detailed answer to at least one of your problems. 

About all other problems related to moving out, keep reading till the end for there is an overall solution for almost all the problems faced by someone who is moving out, especially to or from anywhere near Chicago. 

Silverware – The Most Commonly Mishandled Element During Moving 

Moving out to a new place, especially when you have been living somewhere with your family for years, is not easy. No, we are not talking about emotional difficulties that come with leaving your home and settling somewhere entirely new. Those things do exist for sure but our point here is on the intricacies of packing and moving the stuff and how difficult this entire process could be. 

Before you start moving out, you might watch a lot of packing videos for moving tips and tricks. While most of these are quite useful and ease the entire process, we have observed that these videos often cover only the most essential and surface-level details about packing and moving out your big-sized stuff.

There is hardly any consideration to the smaller-sized, yet essential, stuff that needs to be packed and moved as carefully as those bigger furniture pieces, sometimes even more. One such often ignored item by the developers of all those videos on packing tips is the silverware, especially in our kitchens. 

Yes, you got it right, we are talking about all those spoons, knives, forks, and other silverware items that are found in everyone’s home. No matter what, we can’t leave these items behind us while moving. Nor can we simply throw them in a big box and expect them to turn out perfectly fine when we open and assemble them for us in our new place.

Well, the point of all the pep talk above is to make you aware of the importance of packing silverware the right way. You don’t need to worry if you don’t know how to pack silverware for moving. Read on and you will know. But, before that, let us see why packing silverware with care is so important.

Why Do You Need To Pack Silverware With So Much Care?

Most of the silverware in our homes often includes kitchen cutlery and, sometimes, plates. Unfortunately, unprofessional or occasional movers put these things as stacked up or bundled in the boxes. 

While shifting, these boxes move and rattle to such an extent that it disturbs the entire bundles inside, causing the scratch-sensitive silverware to lose its shine and form. But that is not just it, not packing the silverware properly before moving comes with the following other problems:

  1. Improperly packed utensils and cutlery can be lost during the moving process.

  2. The moving process can become even more difficult with your spoons and plates slipping out of the boxes or rattling too much. This problem often occurs when you don't pack these items properly.

  3. Most of the improperly packed silverware items often break down or get damaged to the extent of becoming useless during the moving process.

  4. Not packing the silverware properly for a move can expose it to severe weather conditions, causing discoloration, rusts, and tarnishes to the silverware.  

Don’t be scared, all you need is a bit of focus and you can easily learn how to pack silverware for moving most safely. Once you do the packing thing right, nothing will ever hurt your silverware no matter how many miles you move away from your first home. 

Read on to know the easiest way to pack silverware for shifting.

How to pack silverware for moving – An Easy, Step-by-step Guide

The process of packing the silverware is easy but can feel a little lengthy and tiring, especially if you have hoarded a lot of silverware over time. So, sit back, relax, and learn it with us. 

Also, we will try keeping things short and clear to ensure you don’t get bored of our babble. So, let us begin with the steps on packing silverware for moving:

Material You Need To Pack The Silverware

Once you sit down to pack and assemble the boxes with your cutlery and other silverware in your home, there is no time to visit the nearby shops, finding the needed packing accessories. Hence, it is best to get your hands on all the needed moving supplies beforehand. 

The material you need to pack your silverware, and other few items, for moving include the following:

Got all your stuff? Good. Now, let us begin with the process.

  1. Clean All The Silverware And Ensure That It Is Dry

Many people make the mistake of not cleaning their stuff before moving out. The reason behind being that most of the items need to be cleaned after one settles at a new place no matter what. However, we urge you to give up such a lazy thought and arrange for the proper cleaning of all the silverware, at least a night before you begin packing it.

If you are washing the silverware, it is best to let it dry fully before you begin the packing. Even if anything in your silverware is slightly damp, it can cause rust and tarnish all other silverware pieces that are packed along with it.

Sometimes, untidy and damp silverware damages the cardboard boxes, tearing them apart and causing a lot of disruption in your moving process.

  1. Clear Out A Wide Kitchen Counter Or Table

Now, that your washed and cleaned silverware is dry, it is the time you gather it all at a single point where you will be carrying out the process of packaging. 

Go for a wide space, roomy enough for you to sit with ease with all the boxes and utensils around you. Make sure that the place is clean and dry and is suitable enough for you to put your utensils on its surface without fearing dust or dampness.

  1. Prepare The Boxes

With all the silverware to be packed being placed around you, you can easily make a guess on the number of boxes in different sizes that you might require to complete the packing process. 

Take these boxes and seal their bottom with strong tape. Now take crushed packing paper and line the boxes' inside with a thick layer of this crushed substance (you can also use cotton or a soft blanket if you don't have packing paper). This makes the boxes' surfaces soft enough for the silverware to sit neatly on them, without any fear of scratches or breakage.

4.-Categorize The Silverware And Sort It

You cannot put all things in boxes haphazardly. Rather, you need to see first as to which silverware items can go well with the others and can be sorted together in a way that makes all of those at ease. Hence, you need to begin with sorting everything.

Sorting and categorizing your silverware also ensure that all the utensil sets are complete, and you are not missing out on a fork or spoon that your children might have thrown under the table.

First, pick all your everyday-use silverware and stack it in a box. Then take all the forks and wrap them in a packing sheet tightly. Repeat the process with spoons and knives too, packing the latter with more care.

You might also want to sort the tablespoons separately from a teaspoon and butter knives from fruit ones. Once tightly wrapped, place these things in silverware or any other steel tray to ensure they don't move out of the place.

Once done put all these things in the boxes, putting each inside in a way that supports the tight positioning of the other stack inside the box.

  1. Cushion the Silverware Inside the Boxes

Empty spaces within the boxes can cause the silverware to scratch and tarnish the neighboring pieces. It's best to fill in the boxes with the crushed paper to cushion the pieces and restrict their rattling.

  1. Secure The Top Of the Box

After the box is full, you should try topping it with soft packing sheets, blankets, or a huge flat tray. These things on the box's top reduce the effect of weight on it that might otherwise break your fragile silverware during loading or unloading. 

Tape the boxes and mention them in a way that makes it easier to identify them while unpacking.

And you are done. We promised you it is easy and you can do it. However, sometimes, people are too busy to manage such a detailed packing of their stuff on their own. Thankfully, you have Lyons moving at your assistance in such a time.

We can help you professionally pack and move all your stuff to your new home while ensuring the safety of everything that is otherwise at risk of damage during loading or unloading. With our services at your assistance, you will never have to worry about preparing before moving to a new place since our expert team has been trained in a way to reduce your stress as much as possible.

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