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How To Pack Jewelry For Moving Without Any Hassle

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If there is one thing that both men and women value dearly it is their jewelry. It is not just an accessary for us to wear but an heirloom, an investment a prized and irreplaceable possession and so much more. 

While you might think that packing jewelry for moving is pretty straightforward you’ll be surprised that there are so many things that could go wrong. 

During your move so many things could go wrong, necklaces may get tangled and valuable jewels may be damaged. One must make sure they can find a way to make sure all their jewelry is packed in an organized way so that there is minimum damage. 

Another thing that happens almost way too commonly is that jewelry tends to get lost in the whole chaos and panic during the move which is why the first thing you want to do, much ahead than the actual day of the move is organize all of your jewelry and set it aside beforehand so that there aren’t any mishaps and panic of missing jewelry on the day of the move. 

Here are some packing hacks and tips and tricks you can use to make sure that your jewelry reaches your new destination completely safely and they don’t face any damage through the moving journey.

Hack #1 

One major concern when packing is making sure chains of necklaces and bracelets do not get tangled up, therefore finding a way to pack these items can be difficult. I know I for one have spent countless hours detangling chain.  One hack that we suggest is toilet paper rolls, empty toilet paper rolls are great to prevent tangling, you can thread necklaces through a empty paper roll to prevent tangling on chains, for more safety using paper straws to thread each necklace through is a surefire way to prevent any sort of knot. Make sure that if one is using straws they use biodegradable ones as plastic straws are horrible for the environment. 

Now that each necklaces is threaded through and ready to be packed you can either put them in smaller organizing boxes or first place them in smaller bags, Ziploc or otherwise. 

Hack #2 

Another easy and safe way to wrap necklaces and bracelets is using cling wrap. Lay out a sheet of cling wrap the size of one A4 sheet and lay out your necklace in such a way that it is straight and untangled. You can then wrap the cling wrap around it to make sure it is secure.

Hack #3 

Now lets move on to rings, rings are a little easier to pack, the best place to put them in is small tin boxes, whether it be cookie boxes or small pillboxes. Another place you can put your rings is wrapping them in socks so that they’re kept securely and in place in small pouches of cloth and you avoid the chances of them being scraped through or rubbing against sharp objects that may affect shine and polish.

Hack #4

When packing earrings one must make sure they are kept together in pairs to avoid losing earing pairs during the move. A great way to do this is find a piece of foam or cardboard sheet and piercing holes in them with the earrings and placing the stopper on the other side to make sure its kept in place together in pairs, on the sheet. These sheets can then be placed in boxes such as tin boxes or show boxes so that all your jewelry is kept in one place.

Additional Help

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With expensive and valuable jewelry you want to be a bit more careful. We recommend that more expensive jewelry be kept in a jewelry box or organizer. These jewelry boxes are made to specifically prevent tangling and moving of jewelry and can be a great place to store valuable jewels and keep them protected during your move.  One can find these boxes and organizers at any home store such as Walmart and Home Depot as well as online through Amazon etc. 

OR you could outsource all this work to a trusted & professional moving company in Chicago like Lyon’s Moving, since if it’s especially your first time – there’s likely a chance you might mess up packing your jewelry. 

Different Jewelry Types and How to Deal With Them 

To get a better understanding on how to deal with different jewelry types lets break down types of jewelry and the things you should make sure of when moving types of jewelry. 

Silver Jewelry 

Silver jewelry tends to need polishing after being packed and moved so make sure you are prepared for this after moving. Silver needs to be kept with the least exposure to air therefore keeping it wrapped in silver polishing cloths can help keep them in good condition for the move. 

Diamonds and other Gemstones 

When it comes to diamonds and stones, these tend to be stronger than other types of jewelry, however they can cause scratches on other valuable pieces, therefore keeping them in separate compartments of tin boxes can help prevent scratching and wear and tear of other jewelry items. 

Additional Facts About Jewelry Care During a Move 

Make sure your jewelry is kept dry, moisture causes tarnishing therefore not only should you make sure their packaging is sealed but using silica packets can help absorb excess moisture from their containers. Make sure the boxes you put your jewelry in is kept in dry places and outside of small cramped areas full of moisture. Felt boxes are great as they can keep extra moisture out as well. 

Now that you know the hacks for packing jewelry you can make sure your precious items are kept safely and securely during your move as well as helping you from avoiding spending hours untangling your necklaces and polishing your jewelry after your move.  

Rest assured that now whenever you need to pack your jewelry for moving or traveling you have the necessary hacks and organizers we recommended, making your life a lot easier and your move as smooth as possible.

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