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How To Pack Books For Moving Like a Pro!

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Moving can be a real chore on its own but for a book lover, packing their collections can be a nightmare. Books can take up a lot of space and time in the moving process, however, if done systematically you can not only protect your valuable books but save on time and work. 

We will be giving you a breakdown on the best way to pack books , follow these steps and you will be able to have fully stacked boxes ready to move in no time.

Step 1 – De-clutter and Filter 

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Before you start packing boxes the first step is organization and remove excess. Make two piles for both books you intend to give away and books to take with you. For a book lover it can be hard to give any books away however remember that the less weight you can take with you the more you will save on moving costs and hassle.
A few guidelines for books you should consider for donations

  1. Old books, torn books that are on their last legs, might not survive very long in their condition so why not allow someone to read them before they tear and become unreadable.

  2. Books that you’ve got multiple copies of, theres really no need to keep more than one copy of a book unless its of major sentimental value to you.

  3. Series of books with one missing piece are good to donate, usually without the missing book chances are you wont be reading the series of books again so why not donate them for a better cause. Who knows the donation enter might have the missing piece that can be of use to someone. 

There are many places you can donate books, be it local book drives, schools or Goodwill etc. Maybe even friends and family who want certain books. 

Step 2 – Organize Strategically 

The second step to packing books when moving I to make sure you have the things you will need on hand. Cardboard boxes are a must, you must make sure they are reasonably sized and able to house multiple books as well as able to hold the weight of several books. Make sure the boxes are new as they will hold the weight of the books best as well as dry, damp boxes might causse books to become damaged or tears in the box. Other supplies such as packing tape, some markers need to be kept in ample supply as well. If the boxes are new make sure you seal the bottom part of each box with tape securely so that no books can tear through and get lost or torn.

We can breakdown the type of books and how to pack each type for maximum efficiency. The first type of book to pack is the hardcover books. Place them in a box standing upright, make sure the hard spine of the book is against the side of the box. This will allow for the books to take up the least amount of space and protect the inner pages from any damage, standing upright like they would on the shelf. 

For softcover books place them flatly in the box in stacks this will allow the books to remain facing one direction and the least amount of bending to the pages of the book.

Step 3 – Get the Angles Right 

Make sure when packing books none of them is placed angled to each other, as you should remember that when moving the boxes around it may cause damage to the pages or bend the book.

Step 4 – Make Sure They are Snug 

Now that your boxes have been packed, you should make some adjustments to make sure each box is packed as fully and snugly as possible as this will cause the least amount of movement to the books, slipping and sliding and therefore least amount of damage. For empty spaces in each box you can fill it in with paper or bubble wrap to make sure there’s less space for slipping and sliding. 

Step 5 – Label, Label, Label! 

Label your boxes as books to make the moving process easier, so that you don’t lose track of what items are in each box and you can further label them either alphabetically or in the order you like to arrange your books in. 

More valuable books can be placed in the boxes by first wrapping them in bubble wrap before stacking them. The taped bubble wrap will ensure the safety of the book whether it be an old photo album or a sentimental book.

Step 6 – Time to Move 

Now comes the last step, which is packing your boxes of books into the moving truck or your car depending on how you intend to move. Make sure when packing books they are fit in such a way that the boxes will not slip and slide causing the books inside to become in disarray. Secure them either at the bottom and in a corner of the moving truck, stuck securely or in the backseat with seatbelts holding them in place or the foot area of the car.

Step 7 – Sit Back and Relax 

The only step left now is to lay back and let the moving process begin, all the hard work is done and you are now ready to move into your new home with the assurance that your valuable books are as safe as possible.

Now that you’ve followed all the above mentioned tips and tricks, rest assured that Lyons moving is always there to guide your move and help make your packing experiences as easy as possible. 


While many may not realize it, but books are prized possessions for many people which is why you want someone to treat them the same way as they would very delicate glass. If you happen to live in Chicago and are looking for movers that will treat each and everything you own with the utmost care and fragility contact Lyon’s Moving

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