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How To Move Out For The First Time (Full Guide with 14 Tips!)

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Statistics show that the average American moves around 11 times in their life, however just like pretty much anything else the first time is always the hardest.

The first move is one of the biggest transitions that a person goes through in their life when they move out of their nest and go out in the world entirely independently. While this step is terrifying to say the least it also extremely necessary and exciting, you finally get to set your own rules, learn how to live like a responsible adult and prepare yourself for the challenges coming your way. 

When we begin to think about where to even start our moving out process we become extremely lost and confused that’s where we come in. If you’re looking for the perfect move out plan or a simple yet helpful guide to moving out you’ve landed at the right place as we’ll help you out in the best way possible. 

Here are the best tips to move out for the first time. 

Tip #1 - Check Your Finances 

Before you jump into the process of moving in the first thing that you need to make sure that your finances allow you to do so. Ask yourself the following questions. 

Do I have a Stable Income? 

Do you have a job that pays you enough to bear all the expenses that come with moving out and live by yourself? If not that do you a financial backing maybe parents who will be willing to pay for your rent. 

Will the Income be Consistent? 

When you’re moving out, you need to know that the expenses remain constant. You can’t just rely on savings or a loan as that won’t last long, from rent to grocery to bills the expenses remain constant and so should your income be. 

Can I Afford to Make The Following Single Investments? 

There are a few expenses that you need to make only one time but are quite hefty and at the same time necessary, they are the following. 


Even though this is a one-time investment for a long period of time it’s a highly essential one. From paint jobs, floorings, shelves and cabinet installations to countless other things these expenses can be costly but definitely worth it. You need to make sure that you can afford all these expenses. 


Another major one time expense is furniture. While you might be taking a few things from home there are quite a few large chunks of furniture that you need to buy. These include coffee tables, sofas and chairs. In addition to that you also need to buy bedding, mattresses and towels as well. 

You also need to add décor to your house and make it more homely this can also be considered a bit pricy which is why you need to calculate if you have these expenses fitting your finances. The good thing is that with expenses like this you can take it slow and not buy everything at once. 

Electronics and Kitchen Tools 

An essential one-time investment that you need to make sure that you can afford is basic electronic appliances such as a fridge, television, microwave a Wi-Fi connection and a cable box. Along with that you need to make sure you have basic kitchen tools such as frying pans, knives, cutlery, pots and Tupperware. 

Can I Afford to Bear the Following Expenses on a Monthly Basis? 

The following expenses are some that you cant get rid off or avoid no matter how hard you try which is why you need to make sure that your monthly income allows you to be able to afford them, for example: 


Affording rent is something every other person struggles with and is a major cause of anxiety, while moving out for the first time is essential and a rite of passage it shouldn’t be at the expense of your mental health. 

You need to make sure that you have enough income rolling in that you can pay your rent easily and manage additional expenses. 


While it may seems like a rather nominal expense living in the comfort of our parents home, groceries can be rather costly. From food, snacks, cleaning supplies, toiletries and countless other things you can easily exceed over $200 a month on groceries. 


Another thing that goes unappreciated living at our parents home is that our bills are always taken care of. When you move out and live on your own you need to manage all of  your monthly bills including electricity, gas, water, Wi-Fi and Cable amongst others. You need to ensure that you can bare all these expenses through your income. 

Tip #2 - Save Up 

Even though we already discussed finances, I think its essential to point this out separately, save, save, save! I cant emphasize this enough but the first three to four months during and after the move will be the hardest financially but you can make this much simpler by simply moving. Plan your move at least eight months ahead calculate all your expenses and then get to saving. That way when the day actually comes you won’t be cutting out on things you actually need, be anxious or worried about the expense and you wouldn’t have to ask anyone for financial aid. 

Tip #3 Mentally Prepare Yourself 

Once you’ve come to the conclusion that you can in-fact afford a place of your own, its time to mentally prepare yourself to make the move. While the thought of moving out for the first time is really exciting, it is also extremely daunting and stressful. Its hard to leave your family and the house you’ve lived in all your life and start fresh which is why it is absolutely essential that you prepare yourself mentally. 

To make things further easier for yourself, talk to your parents and ask them about their moving experience and how they handled issues they came across. 

You can also talk to your friends who moved out recently and ask them how they managed the moving out blues and expenses. That will put your heart at ease and make you more prepared for the move. 

Tip #4 - Conduct a Thorough Search 

Once you are finally mentally ready and have all your financial concerns in place its time to start searching. Apartment hunting can be an exhausting and lengthy procedure, the right location, rent that meets your budget and facilities that you are looking for are a few of the many factors that come into play when you are looking for a new home. 

You can start off by searching the internet, posting on your social medias and ask your friends and family to keep a lookout as well. 

Once you’ve found a few places its time to go visit these places. Don’t shy away from getting into every nook and cranny of the apartment and asking all the questions that you might have in mind. 

Once that has been sorted and you have further shortlisted your list, its essential that you make your decision based on the location of the apartment. You want your new home to be at a place where there is easy access to a hospital, grocery store, shopping mall, bus/train stations and most importantly close to your work. 

Tip #5 – Sharing or Not Sharing Accomodation, Decide! 

Once you’ve decided on an apartment you want to decide whether or not you want a roommate. There are both advantages and disadvantages of having a roommate lets get into both.



You save tons of money on rent, groceries and bills. 

You always have someone to talk to and have a great time with. 

There’s always an extra set of hands for cleaning and cooking. 


You may lose a sense of privacy. 

There are chances you might get into conflicts and fights. 

You might have to share pretty much everything you own and for some people that’s a big no-no. 

Tip #6 - Get Accustomed With Your Surroundings 

Once you’ve decided on your new home its time for you to get accustomed to your new surroundings. Visit the area you’re moving into. Take note of where the nearest hospital, grocery store, train/bus station, gym, library and recreational places are so that you are not completely lost when you finally move there. 

Tip #7 - Start Searching for a Moving Company ASAP! 

Finding a good moving company can be extremely hard and you don’t want to leave this up for the last moment. Start looking at moving companies and see if they meet all of your expectations, you can ask them the following questions which will help you decide further. 

If you happen to live in Chicago and are looking for the most certified movers with highly trained professional in the best of rates Lyon’s Moving is the best place to go. 

Tip #8 – Get to Decluttering 

Now that you’ve got your pre moving stage covered its time to get to the moving process. Donate the clothes that you don’t wear anymore, the books that you’ve read one too many times and things that you just don’t need anymore and start packing away things that you don’t use regularly just so that the last minute pressure isn’t too much. 

Tip #9 – Start Collecting Essentials 

The essentials we talked about whether it be home appliances, kitchen tools or any other kind of homeware start collecting these things the minute you’ve made your mind of moving. That way you wont have too much pressure on you close to the move financially and can focus more on the move. 

Tip #10 – Pack Smartly 

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Separate everything you own into categories and box the same category belongings in the same box and then make sure to label that box. That way you wont have to huge boxes trying to look for something. Another wise decision would be to pack an overnight bag with all your essentials with all your essentials for convenience. 

Tip #11 – Moving Day! 

Even if you have the best movers hired you need to be active and on top of your game. Make a checklist to make sure all of your things reached their destination safely and you didn’t miss out on anything. Have your payments and tips prepared beforehand and keep an eye on the movers to make sure they are handling your things with care. 

The first thing you do the minute you set into your new home is first put all of your important documents in a safe place or a wardrobe. 

Tip #12 – Set Your Bed Up First 

When you get to your new home the first thing you want to do is set up your bed so that you can crash immediately after a long and exhausting day of working all day. 

Tip #13 – Get Your Friends and Family Involved 

This is the best time to get your friends and family to help you out. From moving things to setting up you can ask them for help and then maybe treat them to pizza afterwards.

Tip #14 – Post Move Tasks 

The first thing you need to take care of when you move to your new home is that you change your address officially. The following changes are what need to be made address wise. 


By simply following this guide you can make your move so much easier and enjoyable. Moving out for the first time is a huge milestone’s in a person’s life and shouldn’t be consumed by anxiety and tension. So sit back, follow these steps and enjoy this transition in your life to the fullest. 

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