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Being the most populous generation in the world at this time, Millennials seem to be ruling it all. Known for their particular choices in everything, most millennials tend to move out of their hometowns to settle somewhere better. This explains everything about several governments of different regions boasting about how they have been maintaining some of the best cities for millennials under their rule. 

For the past few years, millennials seem to be present everywhere. From industries to accounting and from medical to engineering as well as other creative fields, millennials have successfully bagged the top positions and are achieving a lot. 

It would not be wrong to say that most of the professional members of this generation are the breadwinners of their homes and are, therefore, most responsible to make better decisions for the well-being of their family.

If you are a millennial with somewhat similar responsibilities and authority, moving to a better place might be on your list. Well, you will not just move out without any consideration to whether or not the city would suit you at all. In fact, being a millennial, you would surely have a lot of reservations about a new town before you pick it to be your new home.

Well, don’t worry because we got you covered. Today, we will be sharing with you, some of the best cities for millennials living within or around Chicago or looking forward to moving there. The cities we are covering below are not on this list just because they are successful or pretty to live in. 

We know the kind of value that a place’s econometrics and its culture hold for the millennials. Hence, we have tried keeping all these things (as well as the global perceptions and statistics) in mind while writing this for you.

But, wait!  Do you really know what you want from the city that you are planning to move to? No? 

Don’t worry, read on and you will surely know it!

What Do Millennials Want In A City?

Well, not to stereotype any generation but millennials are quite picky (which is not a bad thing at all). Hence, the list of what millennials want from a city could go on. However, keeping it brief and simple, below are some things that a millennial would like in a city:

Well, now that you know what a city must-have for a millennial to find a home in it, let us jump to see what are some of the best cities for millennials in 2021 around Chicago and Illinois.

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